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Rigid boxes are premium packaging boxes, rigid boxes are great as gift boxes,presentation boxes. The advantage of rigid boxes is that rigid boxes have strong construction, and rigid boxes can come in any size,shape and style.

But rigid boxes need large space to store and high freight to transport, so foldable rigid boxes have become popular. Because foldable rigid box combine the advantage of rigid box and folding paper box together--foldable rigid box can offer quality and luxurious ways to package high value products and gift items,also can can space and freight.

Foldable rigid boxes are great as gift boxes, because when foldable rigid boxes are assembled, they are strong,rigid, quality.

Foldable rigid gift boxes are made from the same material as rigid gift boxes, so foldable rigid gift boxes are strong,elegant and luxurious,the only difference of rigid gift boxes and foldable rigid gift boxes is that foldable rigid gift boxes are collapsible, foldable rigid gift boxes are designed to fold boxes into flat easily, it means foldable rigid boxes can save space and freight.

if you are looking for foldable rigid gift boxes,JinDian Packaging is good place. As gift boxes manufacturer,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing and wholesale foldable rigid gift boxes. At JinDian Packaging, foldable gift boxes come in so many popular sizes,colors with various styles.

We offer wide ranges of material,wrapped paper,closure methods to make custom foldable rigid boxes to meet your demand at luxurious retail packaging products


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