Custom Made Two Piece Rigid Apparel Boxes With Logo Printing

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This is two piece rigid apparel box, this apparel box is made of heavyweight chipboard and covered by recycled kraft paper,two piece with base and lift off lid.

Rigid boxes are great as high end packaging boxes. Because rigid boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,they have non-collapsible and strong construction , and strong construction can offer good protection, as well as add quality looking and luxurious feeling, it is the reason why rigid boxes are considered as premium packaging boxes to package high value products and gift items.Rigid boxes can add more quality confidence into inside packaged items.Meanwhile rigid boxes have various looking because they are covered by different wrapped paper with elegant finishes,it is easy to find right rigid boxes to fit any occasion. So Rigid boxes are great as cosmetic boxes,candle boxes,gift boxes,presentation boxes,gift card boxes,game set boxes,shoe boxes and apparel boxes.

Rigid boxes are great as apparel boxes,first Rigid apparel boxes can come in any size to fit package different items such as blouses,lingerie,shirts,sweaters,dresses,linens,robes,jackets.Second Rigid apparel boxes look more luxurious and quality,rigid apparel boxes can protect inside packaged items also add more value,great to increase quality confidence.With custom printing,rigid apparel boxes also can represent business and products the best,elegant rigid apparel boxes can become keepsake after use,custom printed rigid apparel boxes can become long lasting advertisement for branding and marketing.

Where to get custom made two piece rigid apparel boxes?

JinDian Packaging is one stop place to wholesale two piece rigid apparel boxes and buy custom printed rigid apparel boxes.

As leading manufacturer of rigid boxes, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing rigid apparel boxes including two piece rigid apparel boxes,one piece hinged lid rigid apparel boxes,foldable rigid apparel boxes,drawer apparel boxes.Two piece rigid apparel boxes at JinDian Packaging can be customized coming in any size and shape with custom insert , we can print custom logo on rigid apparel boxes,short run is available,detail place contact with us