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Twisted handle carrier bags are a great option for business that want to add their own branding to their packaging to help provide free marketing in the high-street. With a choice of various colours available, our coloured twisted handle kraft paper bags are the perfect eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious business.

Kraft Bags with Twisted Paper Handles:

Kraft paper bags with twisted handles are the most cost-efficient solution to your custom shopping bag needs. Manufactured by machine or hand, these bags are available with a variety of handle options: paper twist, plastic or fabric knotted handles. Handles also come in a wide array of color offerings.

You can chose from several base papers options including natural kraft, white kraft, or coated kraft. Custom printed machine shopping bags are normally not available with lamination. Recycled, environmentally friendly papers with 40% PCW (Post Consumer Content) which complies with most state and laws are also available.

The method of printing for custom kraft bags is usually flexographic, roll to roll and up to 8 colors. For large quantities, other print options may be possible. Check with one of our packaging design specialists. Also, heat stamping is available for post printing, or once the bag has been converted.

They are commonly used by department and specialty fashion stores, gourmet food stores, outlet stores and local retailers worldwide. Efficient and capable of carrying substantial weights, these bags offer fantastic advertising opportunities to promote your brand and send the right eco-conscious message.

Environmentally Friendly Kraft Bags

The strength in the construction of these machine made paper shopping bags promotes reuse. Reusabilty is an important factor in eco-friendly packaging. These bags can also easily be recycled in most standard community waste streams. Many local laws requiring 40% post consumer waste base materials combine with an increase in consumers seeking green packaging options - kraft bags are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious and compliant paper shopping bags.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags are preferred for their low cost and promotional value while possessing many environmentally friendly attributes:

Manufactured From Recycled Papers

Good Potential for Re-Usability

Easily Recycled

Manufactured Domestically - Freight & Carbon Footprint at a Minimum

Finished with a twisted paper or cord handle, printed twisted handle paper bags represent an excellent value for money solution, without having to comprise strength. They are a very popular solution for boutiques, fashion retailers and are widely used in the promotional market. We offer twisted handle paper carrier bags, along with a wide range of striking paper twist handle bags

Thinking of Our Environment

Sourced from FSC certified forests, our range of paper bags represent ultimate in value and sustainability. Our machine-made printed twisted paper carrier bags come in either white or brown kraft and are available in weights between 80gsm and 130gsm. You can also choose to customise your order to drive brand awareness in a cost-effective and powerful way.

Paper bags with twisted paper handles are one of the most common paper bag styles you will see on the high street or in shopping centres. These cost-effective paper bags are typically made from a white or brown kraft paper and the handles are made from twisted paper creating a stiff cord like handle.

Twisted handle kraft paper bags are made from recycled papers and are fully recyclable so they make a good eco-friendly choice. Available with full colour print designs and reinforced on the inside, these carrier bags are a popular choice for clothing and retail stores who want a quality paper bag at an affordable price.

Twisted handle paper bags offer practical use to the customer, and are one of the indispensable bag options of the brands with their modern and elegant appearance.

Product Details

Their handles formed by twisting two layers of paper and turning it into a string are easy to hold and add an elegant design to the bag.

The affordable twisted handle bags are also preferred by world-famous brands, especially by the retail companies.


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