Euro Style Kraft Paper Bags With Rope Handle And Printed Logo

JinDian Packaging manufacture custom kraft paper bags

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Kraft paper bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, kraft paper bags are perfect choice as eco friendly shopping bags and promotional bags.The advantage of kraft paper bags is that kraft paper bags are not only eco friendly, as green shopper for any business, but also are versatile enough, kraft paper bags are easy to customize coming in any size,color,shape with various styles. Such as twisted handle kraft bags and flat handle kraft bags have become high street products, you can find them everywhere at retail shop,gift shop,restaurant,even business events and exhibitions.

In the same time, as euro style bag, rope handle kraft paper bag is made of heavyweight kraft paper,with turn top and reinforced paper board, so rope handle kraft bag has more strong construction, it look more quality and luxurious, it can be used as luxurious eco friendly shopping bags and carrier bags. With custom printing, rope handle kraft bags can state more green message for business and convey high value products in eco friendly way.

Where to buy quality rope handle kraft bags with cheap pricing?

JinDian Packaging is good place. As paper bags manufacturer, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing full range of kraft paper bags including brown kraft bags,white kraft bags,recycled kraft bags, those kraft bags at JinDian Packaging can be customized coming in any size and color with various styles. Rope handle kraft paper bag is main product of JinDian Packaging too.

JinDian Packaging offer wide range of heavyweight kraft paper to build bags by hand, and provide huge options of handles to fit on bags,options include pp rope handle,cotton rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle,twisted paper handle and more.

As experienced manufacturer,JinDian Packaging can print any color of your custom design on rope handle kraft bags to match pantone color or cmyk color.Importantly, there is no run limit for custom printed rope handle kraft bags


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