Foldable Rigid Gift Boxes With Magnetic Closure

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Gift boxes are great as packaging boxes for products and gift items. Gift boxes can protect what they package, and add some value into inside items. If you choose rigid gift boxes to package your gift, recipient will consider it should be high value gift. Because rigid gift boxes look more quality and luxurious, can add more value and quality confidence into inside items.

Gift boxes have so many variety, including pop up folding gift boxes, e flute corrugated gift boxes,rigid gift boxes and more. if you need luxury gift boxes,rigid box is the best choice. But if you have retail shop and want gift boxes to package your products of gift items, if you choose rigid gift boxes,you will need enough space to store. So how to get a luxury gift box with elegant looking and small storage space? Foldable gift boxes are the best alternative.

Foldable gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board as box tray,then wrap box by various paper with different finishes to offer elegant,class and luxurious surface of box,importantly foldable rigid box has collapsible construction, it has die cut folding line at corners or side way that can make box flat and can be assembled into rigid gift box quickly and easily when use. The advantage of foldable gift box is that foldable gift box offer luxurious way to package products and gift items as well as save space and freight.

Foldable gift boxes are wrapped by different paper--such as printed paper, kraft paper,foil paper,speciality paper and more, so foldable gift boxes have different color and finishes looking, it is easy to find right foldable rigid gift boxes as your desire.

JinDian Packaging is manufacturer of gift boxes,We design,manufacture and wholesale wide range of foldable gift boxes coming in so many sizes,colors with magnetic or ribbon closure.

Such as above foldable gift box, it is made of 1200g paper board (2.0 mm thickness chipboard) to build very strong box tray,then wrap box tray by matt laminated art paper with solid black color printing,flood entire box,box has die cut lines at corners with sticky , and it is easy to erect and glue together with tray to assemble into rigid box has concealed magnetic closure to close box firmly.

We can print your logo on foldable gift boxes.

At JinDian Packaging, foldable gift boxes come in so many popular sizes and colors, and We can make custom foldable gift boxes that can come as your size,color with your logo and image.

when you are looking for foldable gift boxes, please contact with us to get wholesale pricing