How To Make Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes?

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Kraft Rigid Boxes are the rigid boxes that are made of recycled material with kraft wrapped paper. The characteristics of kraft rigid boxes are that rigid kraft boxes are strong and 100% recyclable, great as eco friendly premium packaging boxes and presentation boxes.

People use custom kraft rigid boxes when they move from one place to another, whether in the same town or to another city or country. Commercially, these packaging boxes are used for the storage of different types of products, especially when these items are packed in stocks. In addition, These products include cosmetics, cloth, perfumes, stationery, books, paints, dyes, plastics, etc.

Where to buy kraft rigid boxes?

JinDian Packaging is one stop place!

As rigid boxes manufacturer, JinDian Packaging offer wide range of recycled material and various kraft paper to make customized kraft rigid boxes.

These kraft rigid boxes are well-known for their quality and design. At JinDian Packaging, we provide best quality of customized kraft boxes with cheap price! You can contact with us to get quotation.

Best Uses of Kraft Rigid Box Packaging

Kraft rigid box packaging is used for many different purposes.

The main purpose is wholesale product carriage. Retail shops use such boxes when they have to pack items in stocks at a high commercial level, as well as industrial and low commercial levels. Moreover, These boxes are used in the packaging of creams, lipsticks, makeup, perfumes, custom lotions, cosmetics types.

Toiletry and hygiene items are also use kraft box packaging. Other uses of these boxes are food packaging, textile packaging, stationery packaging, packaging of books, crockery packaging, utensil packaging, and almost all other items at a high and lower market level. Therefore, Food industries use these boxes to store all types of items, including chocolates, candies, biscuits, cakes, etc.

Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes are used at restaurants and bakeries as well to accommodate their items. Their hard and sturdy nature makes them the best type of storage for food items.

Not Useful In Some Cases

Being a huge advantage for major businesses globally, these Custom Kraft Boxes have some major problems.

They are water-sensitive and get wet and soggy easily, which may cause damage to their contents. Also, They cannot carry very high loads of weight. Sharp and pointy objects cannot be stored in them because they may cause them to tear and fall apart.

At JinDian Packaging, we coat custom kraft boxes with different materials to make them waterproof and stronger. We offer aqueous coating, foiling, lamination, gloss, and matte coatings to make them work against the effects of water and other moistures in the environment, to make sure that the packaging is strong enough to protect the items from such damages.

What We Offer At JinDian Packaging?

We offer different kinds of services to our customers like:

Featured Branding Options

Free Consultation

Free Design Support

Complete Customization Packages

Eco-Friendly and Durable Material

Wholesale Price with Best Quality

Free Shipping & Much More

We offer free design support to our buyers and help them choose their custom kraft boxes with best characteristics and qualities and customize it according to their needs. We have a fast turnaround time. We provide free shipping anywhere across the USA. Our workers have special instructions to ensure that the boxes’ shipment is made safe, on time, and the items are delivered to the right destination.

We provide the coating services to make kraft box packaging water-proof and reduce the risks of damage due to rain, water spilling, or any other moisture. Moreover, We take no setup and dye charges from our buyers. Also, We make sure that our workplace has a friendly environment which helps to ease our customers in every possible way.

Our research and development department thrive hard to make the best Custom Kraft Boxes for your product. That would both carry your product efficiently and also act as a marketing tool.