Laminated Paper Shopping Bag With Printed Logo And Rope Handle

JinDian Packaging manufacture custom laminated paper bags

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Laminated paper bags are considered as high end retail packaging products,because laminated paper bags are made of super fine coated paper with glossy or matt lamination,so laminated paper bags have the best printing result and class feeling, and laminated paper bags have euro style construction with turn top and reinforced paper bags at top and bottom of bags,laminated paper bags look more quality and luxurious, it is the reason why laminated paper bags are used as luxurious shopping bags and promotional bags.

Such as this bag, it is custom printed laminated paper bag, this bag is made of 170g art paper with matt lamination,cmyk full color,rope handle knotted at turn top with reinforced paper board.

The characterisitcs of laminated paper bags are that they are durable,elegant and luxurious,laminated paper bags are great as premium shopping bags and carrir bags.

This custom printed laminated paper bag is made by JinDian Packaging

As paper bags manufacturer, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing laminated paper bags, laminated shopping bags,laminated carrier bags,laminated euro tote bags.All laminated paper bags at can be customized coming in any size and color to fit any end.

When you are looking for custom printed laminated paper bags, JinDian Packaging is experienced manufacturer who can produce quality printed laminated paper bags with cheap price.

The advantage to buy custom printed laminated paper bags from JinDian Packaging are high quality,cheap price and fast turnaround,importantly there is no minimum run limit.

JinDian Packaging offer wide range of paper, handle to build custom laminated paper bags to meet your demand at premium shopping bags.


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