Ribbon Handle Luxury kraft Paper Bags With Custom Printing

JinDian Packaging manufacture custom kraft paper bags

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ribbon handle luxury kraft bags with embossed logo

How to make luxury paper bags?

Strong construction is key point!

So all luxury paper bags are made from heavyweight paper.

If you want eco friendly luxurious shopping bags, luxury kraft paper bags are the best choice

JinDian Packaging is manufacturer of paper bags, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing custom kraft paper bags, luxury kraft paper bags.

JinDian Packaging offer wide ranges of heavyweight kraft paper and handle to make luxury kraft bags.

Such as above bag, it is luxury kraft bag, it is made of 170g brown kraft paper, it has euro style with turned top and reinforced card board, ribbon handle is slotted into top of bag to add more luxurious feeling, and custom logo is printed on two sides of bag, and it feature with embossed logo to add more elegant looking.

If you need such bag, please contact with us