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Rigid boxes are considered as high end packaging boxes and presentation boxes. Rigid boxes are one of the most sought-after categories of packaging boxes.

Rigid boxes are main products of JinDian Packaging!

Almost all luxury brands utilize Rigid packaging for their expensive and delicate articles. Rigid packing is known for its durability, reliability, strength, and firm structure, also elegant and luxurious looking and feeling.

These dielectrics for custom rigid boxes focus on the wrapping paper applied to the outside of the heavyweight paper board that gives the boxes their structure. These rigid interior boxes have a paper lining to retain a uniform appearance throughout the unveiling experience.

JinDian Packaging is manufacturer of rigid boxes.

JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing customized rigid boxes coming in any size and shape with custom printing and various styles.

JinDian Packaging offer huge selections of paper board, wrapped paper, printing, print finishes to make customized rigid boxes. it means at JinDian Packaging it is easy to create personalized rigid boxes.

We offer various paper such as art paper, kraft paper, foil paper, textured paper, specialty paper as wrapped paper to cover on rigid boxes to get fine looking of rigid boxes.

To have a perfect packaging experience, custom printing is important part of custom rigid boxes. we would suggest you always print the dielectrics before progressing. This will give you an idea about the dimensions, proportions, user experience, etc. Moreover, you will also understand whether the box meets your structural needs or not.

As experienced manufacturer of rigid boxes, We can print any color of custom logo and image on rigid boxes.

We can print spot pantone color,solid pantone color,cmyk full color, pantone color+cmyk full color for your branding and marketing.

Meanwhile we also offer hot stamping, embossing, debossed and spot uv varnish to print and highlight custom logo, pattern on rigid boxes. Those finish process can make your box looking distinctive.

All rigid boxes at JinDian Packaging can be customized to fit any occasion and end.

Custom rigid boxes offer all possible freedom to create personalized packaging. From closure to insert parts to internal support and assembly options, you get the freedom to customize every aspect.

Custom Printed Rigid boxes have massive benefits as a packaging solution, hence, every brand prefers to use these custom printed boxes. However, they are a luxury that few can afford.

These custom rigid boxes provide great protection and security. Your product stays safe when in these boxes. Furthermore, your clients get to experience the most luxurious and sensational customer experience.

Note that all luxury rigid boxes are derivatives of pre-cut boxes.

Typical usage of rigid boxes

Rigid Gift boxes

Rigid Storage boxes

Rigid Transport boxes adapted to the content

Rigid Product presentation boxes

Rigid Candy boxes

Rigid Chocolate Boxes

No matter what end you want, you can get the right rigid box to meet your requirement.

Because rigid box is easy to be customized.

The topmost benefit of Luxury rigid boxes is that they are easily customizable. You can print everything from logos to brand names to silhouettes of your brand image. These Luxury rigid boxes can accommodate every aspect of the printing industry. Here are some key point and benefits of Luxury rigid boxes:

In fact rigid boxes have so many styles to fit any end easily.

Rigid box packaging comes in a wide range of styles and shapes. The selection of the shape, style and design depends on you and according to your brand recognition.

We will discuss a few significant styles in rigid packaging solutions.

What is the trend of e-commerce packaging?

It is a rigid box with a magnetic closing lid. A sophisticated design with elegantly finished rigid box packaging provides an out of the world experience to the customers.

A delicate luxury rigid box with a magnetic closing lid is a must-have packaging solution for every business that deals with elite class customers.

You can have a matte or glossy finish, your company logo embossed or hot stamp at the front and at top, make more classic with colors you pick.

Foldable magnetic rigid boxes

Foldable magnetic boxes are becoming more popular nowadays. They are inexpensive, compared to a rigid box with a magnetic closure lid. As an import company, one can save a lot by switching to foldable magnetic boxes.

Our expertise lies with two popular styles and both can accommodate all kinds of personalization and customization.

Foldable rigid boxes are much easier to stock and easy to assemble as well. You don’t need much time to get it ready for the customers.

Feel free to let us know if you need a professional suggestion regarding a paper packaging solution.

Custom cosmetic rigid box.