Twisted Paper Handle Brown kraft Paper Bags With Logo Printing

JinDian Packaging manufacture custom kraft paper bags

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This is brown kraft bag,this bag is made of 100g brown kraft paper,its size is 8x4x10", bag has twisted paper handle and one color printing.

Kraft paper bag is 100% recyclable,great as eco friendly shopping bag, and the characteristic of brown kraft bag is that brown kraft bag look more natural and green.

This bag is made by JinDian Packaging

As paper bags manufacturer, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing full range of kraft paper bags including brown kraft bags,white kraft bags,all kraft bags can be customized coming in any size with popular styles such as twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags.

Importantly JinDian Packaging can print any color of your logo and image on kraft paper bags--whether your custom design is spot pantone color,solid pantone color or cmyk full color.

JinDian Packaging also offer wide range of kraft paper,handle to build kraft bags that can fit any end. If you want eco friendly shopper for clothes shop, JinDian Packaging can use 100g brown kraft paper or white kraft paper to make bag coming in low cost, and if you want durable kraft bags to carry wine bottle and book, JinDian Packaging can use 150g or 180g kraft paper to build very strong euro style kraft bags to meet your requirement,


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