• luxury paper bags

    Luxury Paper Bags

    JinDian Packaging manufacture custom luxury paper bags, luxury carrier bags, printed luxury paper bags

    luxury paper shopping bags

    Luxury Shopping Bags

    JinDian Packaging manufacture custom luxury shopping bags, custom printed luxury shopping bags

  • Custom Printed Luxury Paper Bags

    JinDian Packaging is manufacturer of paper bags, we specialize in manufacturing custom printed luxury paper bags, luxury paper carrier bags, luxury paper shopping bags.

    Luxury paper bags are great as premium carrier bags for high value products. Luxury paper bags have strong construction, quality looking and luxurious looking,with custom printing,luxury paper bags can represent business the best.

    JinDian Packaging offer wide ranges of paper, handle, printing, print finish to build customized luxury paper bags to fit any end.

    luxury paper bags with logo

    Luxury Paper Bags With Printed Logo

    JinDian Packaging can print any color of custom logo on luxury paper bags--spot pantone color,solid pantone color, cmyk full color or pantone color+cmyk full color

    luxury paper bags with full color custom printing

    Luxury Paper Bags With Full Color Custom Printing

    JinDian Packaging can print cmyk full color of custom design on luxury paper bags. Flood printing and inside printing are available. With cmyk full color custom printing,luxury paper bags are great for branding and marketing.

    luxury paper bags with hot stamping,embossing,spot uv

    Luxury Paper Bags With Hot Stamping,Embossing And UV

    JinDian Packaging offer hot stamping,embossing and spot uv varnish to print and highlight custom logo and pattern on luxury paper bags.

  • Custom Luxury Paper Bags

    As experienced manufacturer of paper bags, JinDian Packaging offer wide ranges of coated paper, lamination, printing, print finish, handle to create personalized luxury paper bags that can represent your business and products the best

    luxury paper bags with custom printing

    JinDian Packaging use heavyweight coated paper to make luxury paper bags

    art paper--200g,230g,250g,300g,350g

    card paper--210g,230g,250g,300g

    luxury paper bags with different lamination

    JinDian Packaging use glossy lamination,matt lamination to cover on coated paper that can protect printing ink and add more strength to luxury paper bags

    With lamination, bags feel elegant and luxurious

    luxury paper bags with different handles

    JinDian Packaging offer huge selections of handles to fit on luxury paper bags

    options include rope handle, die cut handle, ribbon handle. Rope handle and ribbon handle are available in any color to fit bag or logo, and die cut handle is available in any shape. Custom logo can be printed on ribbon handle to create personalized handle for luxury paper bags.

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  • Luxury Paper Bags | Luxury Carrier Bags

    Luxury paper bags are great as premium shopping bags and promotional bags,Why luxury paper bags can be used as luxurious shopping bags?
    Because luxury paper bag is made from heavyweight coated paper with glossy or matt lamination, luxury paper bag has strong construction and elegant feeling, it is the key point to get luxurious feeling for paper bag.
    A luxury paper bag is a high-end shopping bag option that can be manufactured with heavyweight coated paper What makes them differ from traditional shopping bags is the construction using premium materials and reinforcements in the bottom and handle area of the bags. Luxury paper bags also have soft loop handles that are generally made from poly blends, cotton, twill, or ribbon. The luxury paper bags are made with luxurious heavyweight paper stock and have reinforced fold over tops and reinforced cardboard insert bottoms for added durability.
    The result of this construction is a high-quality and reusable grade shopping bag that can handle heavier retail items with ease. So luxury paper bags look more strong and quality,it is the reasons why luxury paper bags are used as premium shopping bags. luxury paper bags are a popular bag choice for luxury retailers, gift shops, salons and spas, and specialty shops.
    Custom laminated luxury shopping bags are an choice to brand your business in a stylish and luxurious way. Customers will notice the high-quality look and feel of your custom laminated luxury paper bags when they carry them out of the store. These luxury laminated shopping bags provide a high-end look while providing premier strength and durability.
    Luxury shopping bags can be reused many times by the end user to ensure that your investment provides further marketing reach for your brand. A branded laminated shopping bag can be a fashion statement, a status symbol, and a social media trend, making it much more valuable than just being a vessel for purchased items.
    Fully customized laminated luxury paper bags bags require an investment in your business and a commitment to your brand image. These ultra-luxurious shopping bags require longer manufacturing times and quantity commitments, but are the premier option for both style and quality in their construction and design.
    When you are creating laminated luxury shopping bags , you will find so many benefits of luxury shopping bags that are great for your branding and marketing.
    1 Endless Customization
    Luxury shopping bags are completely custom designed can include many sophisticated design elements and special finishes that may not be possible with other types of bags.
    Custom luxury shopping bags can be printed inside the bag as well as on all four sides and the bottom. The handles can be customized in size, length, color and material. The options for custom luxury shopping bags are endless, so they are a dream for imaginative designers.
    2 Marketing Exposure
    Luxury shopping bags are a more luxurious custom paper bag option. They are made with more reinforcement for heavier retail items. They can be reused by your customers many more times than a traditional shopping bag due to the high-quality construction. The more a customer reuses your bag, the more exposure of your brand name to potential customers.
    3 A Luxurious Presence
    Many retailers who choose luxury laminated paper shopping bags over traditional options do so because they want to brand themselves as luxurious and high-quality. When you place your products in a luxurious shopping bag, your customers are reminded of the quality your brand name ensures. Customers will be proud to show these bags off while walking through the mall or shopping center.
    Luxury paper bags are easy to create personalized shopping bags with various custom finishes, printing,handles, it is the advantages of laminated paper bags too:
    Custom Finishes
    Your fully customized laminated shopping bags can be custom printed inside and out, with several options for special finishes and lamination to add a unique finishing touch. The bags start out as paper sheets that are printed on modern, offset printing presses that allow for sophisticated graphics. Bags can be printed with multiple colors on all sides, including the interior if desired.
    You can also add specialty finishes like UV spot printing, foil hot-stamping, and embossing. We can place a clear plastic lamination over the entire printed paper for a more visual affect in either a matte or gloss option. Laminating on custom printed laminated shopping bags also adds strength to the paper and prevents dark colored, heaving ink coverage bags from showing cracking at the folds. For environmental reasons, we can produce these bags without any lamination.
    Custom Handles
    One of the benefits of custom laminated bags is being able to customize your handles. You can choose from various materials including polypropylene braided rope, cotton, twill, leather, and even custom printed ribbon handles.
    Where to get quality custom printed laminated luxury paper bags with cheap price?
    JinDian Packaging is perfect place!
    As experienced paper bags manufacturer, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing custom luxury paper bags, custom printed laminated luxury paper bags,laminated luxury shopping bags, luxury paper carrier bags. All luxury paper bags can be customized coming in any size,color and shape to fit your end.

    High quality, fast turn around and cheap price are the advantages to buy customized luxury paper bags from JinDian Packaging

    luxury paper bags with printed logo and die cut handle

    Luxury Paper Bags With Printed Logo And Die Cut Handle

    • made of 210g card paper
    • matt lamination
    • 2c printing, 100$ ink coverage
    • featured with die cut handle
    ribbon handle luxury paper bags with printed logo

    Luxury Paper Bags With Ribbon Handle And Printed Logo

    • made of 200g art paper
    • matt lamination
    • one pantone color printing with reversed white logo
    • satin ribbon handle slotted into top of bag
    ribbon handle luxury paper bags with full color custom printing

    Luxury Paper Bags With Full Color Custom Printing And Ribbon Handle

    • made of 230g card paper
    • glossy lamination
    • cmyk full color+2 pantone colors printing
    • inside printing
    • grosgrain ribbon handle knotted at top of bag
    luxury paper bags with hot stamping logo

    Luxury Paper Bags With Hot Stamping Logo And Embossed Pattern

    • made of 230g art paper
    • matt lamination
    • black printing,flood entire bag
    • gold hot stamping logo
    • embossed pattern on surface
    • rope handle knotted at top of bag
    luxury paper bags with hot stamping and embossing logo

    Luxury Paper Bags With Hot Stamping And Embossing Logo

    • made of 230g art paper
    • matt lamination
    • gold hot stamping logo
    • embossing logo
    • rope handle
    • ribbon closure
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