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16x6x12" Twisted Handle Kraft Bags With Printed Logo

twisted handle kraft bags with printed logo

This is brown kraft paper bag, it is made of 100g brown kraft paper,twisted paper handle glued at inside of bag,one pantone color printing for custom logo on both sides of bag,its size is 16x6x12"

Kraft paper bags are great as eco friendly shopping bags,they are made of different kraft paper,100% recyclable and biodegradable.Kraft paper bags have so many variety to fit any end.Popular styles include twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,rope handle kraft bags,luxury kraft bags.

As kraft paper bags manufacturer,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing full range of kraft paper bags coming in any size and color.We can print any color of custom logo and full color custom design on kraft paper bags.With custom printing,kraft paper bags from JinDian Packaging can become green advertisement for your business.

When you are looking for printed twisted handle kraft bags,JinDian Packaging is good supplier.Importantly you can get cheap price from JinDian Packaging,such as this bag,if you do 5000 pcs 16x6x12" twisted handle kraft bags with printed logo,price is USD$0.18/pc. Detail please contact with JinDian Packaging

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