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Custom Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo And Custom Insert

This is custom made hinged lid rigid box with hot stamping logo and custom insert. This box is made of 1200g chipboard, box has very strong construction, and box is wrapped by art paper with matt lamination and cmyk full color printing, featured with gold hot stamping logo, box has hinged lid with flap and concealed magnetic closure, box has custom insert to hold product in box.

This hinged lid rigid box is made by JinDian Packaging

As rigid boxes manufacturer, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes,hinged lid rigid boxes,two piece rigid boxes.

Rigid boxes are considered as high end packaging boxes and presentation boxes. Rigid boxes are great to package high value products and gift items. With custom printing, rigid boxes can become quality symbol of business and products,also can add more quality confidence onto packaged products and business brand.

The advantage of rigid boxes at JinDian Packaging is that rigid boxes can be customized easily coming in any size,color and shape with various styles--popular styles of rigid boxes include two piece rigid boxes, shoulder rigid boxes, neck rigid boxes,hinged lid rigid boxes,slipcase,drawer boxes.

Hinged lid rigid box is most popular style of rigid boxes. Hinged lid rigid boxes are great as retail boxes,cosmetic boxes,presentation boxes.

Adding a hinge can turn a standard set-up box into a presentation. There are several styles of hinges available.

1 Paper Hinge

The most common hinge on a hinged box is achieved by adhering the lid paper to the bottom of the box. Most often, this style of hinge is used when the cover of the box extends all the way down, or is full telescoping. If extra strength is needed, you may include a reinforcing strip of paper or tape on the inside of the box.

2 Taped and Stitched Hinge

Our strongest hinge for boxes is called a taped and stitched hinge. This style is made by stapling the cover to the bottom, then adding a piece of paper or tape to cover the staples. You can add a taped and stitched hinge to a box that has a short lid or a full telescoping lid.

3 Three-Sided Cover Hinged Box

Another hinge for a specialty box is called a three-sided cover hinge. Again, the lid paper is used to adhere the bottom to lid. However, the hinge point is different on a three-sided cover hinge than on a standard paper hinge box. Die cutting is often inevitably required when manufacturing this style hinged box.

Some hinged lid rigid boxes have flap, and magnetic can be concealed into flat and front wall of boxes to create a closure that can close box firmly.

Another popular closure method is ribbon closure for hinged lid rigid boxes.

JinDian Packaging is specialist of hinged lid rigid boxes, We offer wide range of material,wrapped paper, printing, print finishes to build customized rigid boxes. Options are in below

1 Material--We use quality chipboard to build box strong tray, weight of chipboard range from 800g,1000g,1200g to 2500g, so we can create customized hinged lid rigid boxes coming in any strength

2 Wrapped Paper: We provide laminated art paper, kraft paper, foil paper, speciality paper to cover on hinged lid rigid boxes to create elegant looking of rigid boxes

3 Printing: We can print pantone colors, cmyk full color of custom logo and image on hinged lid rigid boxes

4 Print Finish: matt lamination, glossy lamination,hot stamping,embossing,debossed,spot uv are available

5 Size: any size is available

6 Closure: magnetic closure, ribbon closure

7 Insert: custom insert is available

8 Quantity: there is no minimum order quantity for custom hinged lid rigid boxes at JinDian Packaging.

Detail please contact with us

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