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Custom Made Foldable Rigid Boxes With Hot Stamping Logo


Custom Made Foldable Rigid Boxes With Gold Hot Stamping Logo And Ribbon Closure. This box is made of heavyweight paper board as tray,wrapped box by art paper with matt lamination,gold hot stamping logo on lid of box,ribbon closure,collapsible construction,folding at corners,box is easy fold into flat during storage and transport,assemble into rigid boxes when use.

The advantage of foldable rigid boxes is that boxes have strong construction to offer great protection,and come in flat to save space and freight. As foldable rigid boxes manufacturer,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing foldable rigid boxes,boxes can be customized as customer's specification.We provide wide weight range of material,wrapped paper to build boxes,we can print any color of logo,full color custom design on boxes.We offer magnetic closure or ribbon closure to close foldable rigid boxes firmly.

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