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Custom Made Hinged Lid Rigid Box With Flap And Printed Logo

This is custom made hinged lid rigid box with flap,magnetic closure and printed logo.

This hinged lid rigid box is made of 1000g paper board to build strong construction, and box is wrapped by matt laminated art paper as skin of box, custom logo is printed on box,and box has hinged lid with flap and concealed magnetic closure.

This hinged lid rigid box with printed logo is made by JinDian Packaging.

Rigid Boxes are great as premium packaging boxes and gift boxes for any business. Rigid boxes have strong construction that can protect what they package, and rigid boxes have flexible surface looking, because rigid boxes can be wrapped by different paper such as texture paper,foil paper,printed paper,kraft paper. And the advantage of rigid boxes is that rigid boxes can come in any size,color and shape with various styles.

Hinged lid rigid boxes are popular style of rigid boxes.

Adding a hinge can turn a standard set-up box into a presentation. There are several styles of hinges available.

1 Paper Hinge

The most common hinge on a hinged box is achieved by adhering the lid paper to the bottom of the box. Most often, this style of hinge is used when the cover of the box extends all the way down, or is full telescoping. If extra strength is needed, you may include a reinforcing strip of paper or tape on the inside of the box.

2 Taped and Stitched Hinge

Our strongest hinge for boxes is called a taped and stitched hinge. This style is made by stapling the cover to the bottom, then adding a piece of paper or tape to cover the staples. You can add a taped and stitched hinge to a box that has a short lid or a full telescoping lid.

3 Three-Sided Cover Hinged Box

Another hinge for a specialty box is called a three-sided cover hinge. Again, the lid paper is used to adhere the bottom to lid. However, the hinge point is different on a three-sided cover hinge than on a standard paper hinge box. Die cutting is often inevitably required when manufacturing this style hinged box.

Custom Hinged Lid Rigid Magnetic Boxes with 5 different Closure Types.

1. Custom Rigid magnetic lids boxes with top flap end at half of the front panel.

The regular closure of flip-top rigid cardboard box is fully covered the front box panel. However, it can be customized to have a two-piece like flaps meet in the middle of box front panel, one-piece comes from the box base and another one is the top lid flip down to meet the base one, this type flap closure usually will be customized on a tall magnetic box. By this way, to decrease the height of the top flap and make it easy to open, and you can add a piece of custom stickers to seal the end of the two flaps as a presentation magnetic gift box.

2. Custom rigid gift boxes with a triangular-shaped flap magnetic lids.

The regular flap lid of the magnetic box is rectangular cut, however, it can also be cut to other shapes, a popular shape is a triangular edge, see below image you can notice the triangular shaped flip-top lid. It can also be oval-shaped if you like, they can be customized to meet your special design needs.

3. Custom rigid gift boxes with top lid glued in the back, or not glued.

There are two options for the choice of how to display the top magnetic lid, it can be glued to the back of the box, and not glued. You can notice the main difference of the two types lid option, if the flap back glued to the inner box, then the top lid can't be flip backward to the floor and lay down flatly. The magnetic flap is not glued to the inner box then it can flatly lay down backward. We recommend a taller box with a glued lid and a lower box with a lid not glued.

4. Custom hinged lid boxes with ribbon pull flap lid closure.

To attach a piece of ribbon pull on the flap can make it easy to open the box. The ribbon can be selected in many colors such as black, white, and gold etc color ribbon pull. If you don't like a ribbon attach to the box, can also choose to cut a finger notch in any shape on the magnetic flap. However, we will recommend the ribbon pull instead of the finger notch cut, because it's easy to notice the gray board from the cut edge and it's hard to cover it with the surface coating paper.

5. Custom presentation magnetic rigid gift boxes with rope handle or ribbon closure.

No matter you want to decorate your presentation boxes, or you just want your customer to carry the box with a handle, there are these options to attach a rope handle and a ribbon to close the box to replace the magnetic closure, also with the magnets together to close the box, just to have a ribbon bowl for decoration. Both the handle for the magnetic boxes and the ribbon can be with many types and color options to match the box color or artwork printing.

As rigid boxes manufacturer, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes,all rigid boxes at JinDian Packaging can be customized coming in any size,color and shape with various styles--hinged lid rigid boxes,two piece rigid boxes,shoulder rigid boxes,drawer boxes and more.

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