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Custom Printing Laminated Shopping Bags With Rope Handle

custom printed laminated paper bags with rope handle
Custom Printed Laminated Paper Bags With Rope Handle

This bag is laminated paper bag with full color custom printing and rope handle.

This bag is made of 210g card paper,with matt lamination and cmyk full color custom printing,flood entire bag. Rope handle is knotted at turned top of bag with reinforced card paper.

Usually laminated paper bags are made of heavyweight coated paper with glossy or matt lamination, and laminated paper bags can fit different handle such as rope handle,die cut handle, ribbon handle, and bags have turned top and they are reinforced by card board at turn top and bottom of bags, In this way to build laminated paper bags,all laminated paper bags have super fine surface,quality looking and luxurious feeling, it is the reason why laminated paper bags can be used as luxury carrier bags and shopping bags.

this custom printed laminated paper bag is made by JinDian Packaging.

As leading manufacturer of paper bags, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing custom laminated paper bags, JinDian Pckaging offe wide options of coated paper, lamination, printig, print finshes, handles to build personalized laminated paper bags to fit any end

Importantly there is no minimum order quantity for custom made laminated paper bags at JinDian Packaging.

if you are looking for custom printed laminated paper bags, please contact with us.

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