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Die Cut Handle Laminated Paper Bags With Full Color Custom Printing

die cut handle laminated paper bags with custom printing
custom laminated paper bags with full color printing and die cut handle

This is custom laminated paper bag with die cut handle and full color custom printing. This bag is made of 230g card paper, with glossy lamination, and cmyk full color custom printing.

Usually die cut handle is punched by plate on machine, although die cut handle can come in any shape--that is decided by plate shape-,it need add card board at handle area to reinforce handle,it means die cut handle paper bags will have more strong construction, and strong and sturdy bags look more quality,it is the reason why die cut handle paper bags can be used as luxurious shopping bags and promotional bags.

This bag is made by JinDian Packaging

As paper bags manufacturer, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing laminated paper bags, JinDian Packaging can offer wide options of handle,printing, print finish to build personalized laminated paper bags.

Laminated paper bags are considered as premium shopping bags and promotional bags, laminated paper bags are made of super fine coated paper with glossy or matt lamination, so all laminated paper bags have the best printing result, elegant looking, and laminated paper bags have euro style, they have turned top with reinforced card board at top and bottom of bags, so laminated paper bags have more strong construction, laminated paper bags can last long time,With custom printing, laminated paper bags are not only as luxurious shopping bags, but also as effective advertisement tool to advise business in elegant way.

When you are looking for laminated paper bags, custom printed laminated paper bags, die cut handle laminated paper bags, please contact with us at paperbags111@outlook.com

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