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Flat Handle White Kraft Paper Bags With Printed Logo

This is custom made white kraft paper bag with flat paper handle and full color custom printing.Its size is 14x6x11", and its price is USD$0.14/pc

This bag is made of 100g white kraft paper, it has flat paper handle glued on top of inside bag, and bag has cmyk full color custom printing.

Because all bag is made of white kraft paper and white kraft paper is 100% recyclable, so flat handle white kraft bag is 100% recyclable, it is great as eco friendly shopping bag.

Another characteristic of flat handle white kraft bag is that it is not only 100% recyclable, but also elegant,white kraft bag looks more nice,great as eco friendly promotional tool to advertise business information in green way.

This bag is made by JinDian Packaging

As paper bags manufacturer, JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing paper bags,kraft paper bags, luxury paper bags.

JinDian Packaging offer wide options of kraft paper to build bags--options include brown kraft paper, white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper, ribbed kraft paper. We can print custom logo and image on kraft paper bags for branding and marketing, and there is no minimum order quantity for custom printed kraft paper bags at JinDian Packaging.

When you are looking for custom printed flat handle kraft bags,please contact with us

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