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Flat Paper Handle White Kraft Bag With Full Color Custom Printing

This is custom printed flat handle white kraft paper bag, its size is 13x5x10", this bag is made of 100g white kraft paper,with cmyk full colors printing,100% ink coverage, white color flat paper handle glued on top of bag.

its price is USD$0.12/pc ( 5000 pcs)

This flat handle kraft bag with logo is made by JinDian Packaging

Flat handle kraft paper bags are most popular styles of kraft bags,Flat handle kraft paper bags are 100% recyclable, they are great as eco friendly shopping bags and carrier bags. folded flat paper handle is made of recycled kraft paper,it can come in any color,even custom logo can be printed on flat handle. And it is simple method to build bags just with 100g kraft paper and flat paper handle, it means the cost to build flat handle kraft bags is low.

Nowadays flat handle kraft bags have become popular,they are used as retail shopper,food bags,take away bags,and promotional bags.

White kraft paper is not only eco friendly material to build bag, but also great to print any fine color for branding and marketing,white kraft bags look more elegant, it is the reason why White kraft paper bags can be usually used as promotional bags.

As kraft paper bags manufacturer,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing flat handle brown kraft bags,flat handle white kraft bags,flat handle kraft shopping bags.All flat handle kraft bags can be customized coming in any size to fit different ends.Although popular weight of kraft paper to build bag is 100g, if you want to carry heavyweight products, We can offer 150g,180g and 200g kraft paper to build bags that can meet your requirement.

JinDian Packaging can print your logo and image on kraft paper bags without run limit. If you want 250 pcs 8x4x10" flat handle kraft bags with custom printing urgently for business event, JinDian Packaging can produce them for you and delivery on time.

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