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JinDian Packaging Wholesale Custom Printed Flat Handle Kraft Bags

Kraft paper bags are made of different kraft paper such as white kraft paper,brown kraft paper,natural kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,ribbed kraft paper. Because kraft paper is 100% recyclable and biodegradable,kraft paper bags are eco friendly,great as shopping bags,carrier bags and promotional bags.

In fact kraft paper bags have become high street retail packaging products,you can find kraft paper bags everywhere--from department,fashion shop,shoe store,gift shop,grocery store to exhibition.Kraft paper bags can fit any occasion.Because kraft paper bags are versatile too. Such as twisted handle kraft paper bags,rope handle kraft paper bags,luxury kraft paper bags, they are favored by so many business.

Flat handle kraft paper bags are most popular style too.Those bags are made of kraft paper,glued with flat paper handle,Usually flat paper handle are made of recycled kraft paper,coming in any colors.Flat handle kraft bags are great as food bags,takeaway bags,shopper and promotional bags.

Most of flat handle kraft bags are made from 100g kraft paper ( white kraft,brown kraft,natural kraft,recycled kraft ),its cost to build bag is very low, in fact it is the most simple way to construct shopping bags.And kraft paper is good material to print any fine custom designs--whether it is spot pantone color,solid pantone color,cmyk full color, or pantone color together with cmyk full color, after printed on flat kraft paper then folded into bags, your custom design will displayed on kraft paper bags,meanwhile kraft paper bags can come in any size to fit your end--from small bag,medium bag,large bags,or extra-large bag.

Where to buy cheap custom printed flat handle kraft bags? As kraft paper bags manufacturer,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing full range of kraft paper bags including twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,luxury kraft bags. JinDian Packaging produce millions of kraft paper bags per year for customers,so we have good experience and source to get cheap material and control cost of production, it is the reason why JinDian Packaging can wholesale custom printed flat handle kraft bags with cheap price.Detail please contact with us.

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