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Kraft handle bags are made of different kraft paper such as brown kraft paper,white kraft paper,ribbed kraft paper,recyclable kraft paper with different handles.Because kraft paper is sturdy enough,most kraft bags are built with kraft paper glued with twisted paper handle or flat paper handle,so kraft handle bags are 100% recyclable,and low cost. Kraft handle bags are great as eco friendly shopping bags,promotional bags.

As paper bags manufacturer,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing kraft handle bags.We offer wide range of kraft paper,handle to build various kraft bags to fit any end. We design,manufacture and wholesale kraft bags with cheap price.We wholesale stock kraft bags including twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,recycled kraft bags,die cut handle kraft bags coming in many popular sizes and color,such as 5x3x8”,8x4x10”,10x5x13”.16x6x12”,16x6x19” with gold,silver,navy,red,black,white colors.

We also specialize in manufacturing custom made kraft handle bags. At JinDian Packaging you can choose huge options of paper,handle,printing,printing finishes to build your bags within your budget,Importantly short run is available.Even you just need hundred of printed kraft handle bags with your logo,you can get cheap price from us.,We can print your logo and image on those kraft bags for your branding and marketing. If you want to highlight your logo and make kraft bags more luxurious, we can offer hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish to print and highlight your logo and pattern to add more quality feeling. With fine custom printing, kraft handle bags can become not only carrier bags,but also as green promotional tool.Detail please contact with us

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