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Every retail business do need shopping bags to provide to their customer to convey what they purchase,and shopping bags have many variety,Paper bags are so popular that are favored by so many business,because paper bags are versatile, it is easy to create personalized paper bags to meet different demand.

Paper bags have so many variety including laminated paper bags,luxury paper bags,euro tote bags,kraft paper bags. Paper bags are made of different paper with various handle and finish, so paper bags have distinctive looking.For example, laminated paper bags are made of coated paper with glossy or matt lamination,fitted with rope handle.Laminated paper bags look more elegant and luxurious. so when you are looking for high end shopping bags,you can choose Laminated paper bags.

Kraft paper bag is another popular style of paper bags,they have natural and green looking. If you are looking for eco friendly shopping bags and promotional bags,kraft paper bags are perfect choice. In fact kraft paper bags have become popular because they are 100% recyclable and economic.

Kraft paper bags are made of brown kraft paper,white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper, so they are called as brown paper bags,white paper bags,recycled kraft bags.

White paper bags are made of white kraft paper,recycled white kraft paper,white ribbed kraft paper,because the color of kraft paper is " white", white paper bags have not only 100% recyclable and biodegradable construction,they also have elegant looking with perfect printing result,it is the reason why white paper bags can be used as green shopping bags and promotional bags for business event and exhibition to promote business and brand.

White paper bags have so many styles including twisted handle white paper bags,flat handle white paper bags,rope handle white paper bags,luxury white paper bags.And white kraft paper come in wide range of weight--from 80g to 200g, it can construct bags to fit different sizes and ends.If you want eco friendly wine bags to carry wine bottle, you can choose luxury white kraft bags that are made of heavyweight white kraft paper with turn top and reinforced paper board to convey bottle safely.

Where to buy white paper bags? where to wholesale custom printed white kraft bags?

JinDian Packaging is your best choice!

JinDian Packaging is one stop place to wholesale white paper bags,white kraft paper bags,luxury white kraft bags. As paper bags manufacturer and supplier,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing white kraft paper bags,At JinDian Packaging,white kraft paper can be customized coming in any size,shape with different paper weight and handle. We can print any color of custom logo and full color of custom design on white paper bags for branding and marketing.With custom printing,white paper bags are not only used as economic shopping bags,but also as green advertisement and message billboard.Importantly,there is no run limit for customized white paper bags.Detail please contact with us.

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