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JinDian Packaging Wholesale Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbon Closure

Black Color Foldable Luxury Gift Boxes With Ribbon Closure From JinDian Packaging

This is foldable rigid box, it is made of heavyweight paper board to build very strong construction,covered box by matt laminated art paper to offer silk feeling,black color printing,100% ink coverage,ribbon closure to add some luxurious feel.

JinDian Packaging is specialist of gift packaging and retail packaging industry,we specialize in designing and manufacturing quality and creative gift boxes for your high end packaging demand. Foldable gift boxes are our main and popular products.We wholesale wide range of foldable gift boxes,collapsible rigid gift boxes,foldable kraft gift boxes and more.Those foldable gift boxes come in so many sizes,colors with magnetic or ribbon closure.We can print custom logo on foldable gift boxes,short run is available.Detail please contact with us

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