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Every business do need packaging boxes to package and protect what they sell,Gift boxes are popular packaging products, gift boxes are great as packaging boxes to package any products and gift items. Gift boxes can protect them safely,as well as add some elegant and luxurious feel into inside packaged.

Gift boxes have so many variety, if you want quality and luxurious gift boxes,luxury gift boxes are the best choice. Because luxury gift boxes have so many advantage that can meet your requirement to look for luxurious and quality packaging boxes.

First luxury gift boxes are rigid packaging boxes, Luxury gift boxes have strong construction because they are made of heavyweight chipboard,its construction is sturdy and no collapsible, it is key point to add quality feel.

Second luxury gift boxes have elegant and luxurious looking, because luxury gift boxes can be covered by different wrapped paper such as printed laminated art paper,natural kraft paper,stunning foil paper,special paper with elegant texture,so you can choose favorite finishes as your desire.

Final luxury gift boxes come in many sizes and shapes to fit any ends, so you can find rigid luxury gift boxes easily.

Where to wholesale luxury gift boxes?

You are right place,As gift boxes manufacturer and wholesaler,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing gift boxes including rigid gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,nested gift boxes,gable gift boxes,pop up gift boxes and more.

Luxury gift boxes are our main line,At JinDian Packaging,you can find wide range of luxury gift boxes coming in many sizes,colors,shapes and designs. Some popular luxury gift boxes are in below

1 Luxury gift boxes with shoulder style

This gift box is made of heavyweight chipboard,covered by special paper with texture finishes,it is three piece with base,lid and neck that can add more quality and luxurious feel,with silk inside,great as gift boxes to packaging high value products and gift items,Custom logo can be imprinted on boxes.

2 Luxury Gift Boxes With Window On Lid

This is luxury gift box, it is made of heavyweight paper board to build very strong construction,covered box by printed laminated art paper ,feature with clear window on lid,two piece with base and lid.At Shopping Bags Mall.luxury gift boxes with window on lid come in 6 colors and 8 sizes

3 Black Luxury Gift Boxes

Those gift boxes are made of heavy duty chipboard,covered boxes by black color special paper with embossed pattern,great to add more luxurious feel,two piece construction with base and lift off lid

4 Shoulder Luxury Gift Boxes With Window

This gift box is made of strong paper board,covered by laminated art paper,with window on lid,three piece with base,lid and shoulder with different color to add quality feel.

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