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Nested gift boxes or nested hat boxes, as some people call them, are a set of boxes that decrease in size with each smaller size fitting one inside another. All of nested boxes are made from rigid cardboard and are strong enough to hold virtually any gift you choose. With a wide range of sizes, designs and colors, you will find the perfect gift box set.

nested gift boxes
nested gift gift boxes

Those boxes are nested rigid gift boxes with solid colors.

Those nested gift boxes are made of heavyweight chipboard to ensure strong construction, and boxes are wrapped by matt laminated art paper with solid color printing, and boxes have two piece with base and lid.

Those nested gift boxes with solid color are made by JinDian Packaging.

Nested gift boxes are a perfect stackable assortment of rigid gift boxes in either square, rectangle, or round shapes.

As gift boxes manufacturer, JinDian Packaging design, manufacture and wholesale nested gift boxes. Nested gift boxes at JinDian Packaging come in so many colors,designs,and sizes to fit different ends. Our small Nested boxes that are great for smaller gifts that can also be used for displays. Our larger sets are available in several all occasion and seasonal designs for your products. Nested Gift Boxes are constructed with rigid chipboard making it a rigid setup style box with a paper wrap glued and formed to the lid and base. Often called stacking boxes, they offer two or more boxes that can stack from large to small, and they all fit into the larger box for easier storage when not in use. The boxes are often used for retail displays and as well as gift sets. They are popular especially during the Christmas holiday season but offered in a wide range of everyday designs. Gift retailers and gourmet food vendors often use them for packaging a set of related products to up-sell for a larger purchase price. One of our customers uses these to feature four flavors of cookies as a set. Both square and round nested boxes are mainly made of recyclable material to make sure every box is 100% recyclable.

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