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Rigid boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,rigid boxes have strong construction,and usually strong construction can add luxurious and quality feeling and looking, it is the reason why rigid boxes are considered as luxurious packaging solution to package high value products and gift items.Rigid boxes provide protection and durability for your products, and add a touch of class to your packaging.They’re strong, durable and non-collapsible which offers protection for your products. Candles, medical supplies, glassware, and candy are more items that are often packaged in rigid boxes. When you’re looking for protection, a rigid box is the way to go

Rigid boxes have so many styles,rigid boxes come in any size,shape. Popular style of rigid boxes include hinged lid rigid boxes,two piece rigid boxes,three piece rigid boxes,slipcase,drawer boxes. No matter what of your end, you can find rigid rigid boxes as your desire.

Two piece rigid boxes are the most popular style of rigid boxes,they have base and lift off lid. A base is a base. However, not all lids are created equal. You can define your style of box just by the lid you choose. Not sure which to choose? The following is a list of definitions and common uses for each lid style:

Shoe box Lid

A shoe box lid is always 1” deep regardless of base size. The most common example is an actual shoe box lid. Shoes are often stored and sold in a box that consists of a base that is around 4” deep, and a lid that is only 1” deep. Shoe box lids offer easy opening, and are perfect for boxes that are opened and closed frequently.

Telescope Lid

A telescope lid covers the entire base regardless of the base size. A common example of a telescope lid is a candy box lid. Most every box of chocolates has a telescope lid. Telescope lids are perfect when you want a little more protection, and the box is not going to be opened and closed several times. If you like the look of the telescope lid, but know that the box will be opened and closed frequently, ask for “thumb notches” or “thumb holes”. We can notch out a semi-circle to make your boxes open easily every time.

Partial Telescope

Any lid that goes down the base more than 1”, but not the full depth of the base, is a partial telescope lid. Common examples of a partial telescope lid are jewelry box lids and candle box lids. Many jewelry boxes are 1” deep with a 5/8” lid. Some candle boxes are 2-3/4” deep with a 1-3/4” lid. Partial telescope lids are also commonly seen on gift boxes and higher-end product boxes. They offer both charm and practicality to provide a box that’s beautiful, yet easy to open.

Where to buy two piece rigid boxes?

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