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JinDian Packaging Wholesale Custom Printed Euro Tote Bags

When you are looking for shopping bags,carrier bags, you have so many choices.And if you want some luxurious shopping bags,Euro tote bags are perfect choice.

Euro tote bags are made of heavyweight coated paper with glossy or matt lamination.with turn top and reinforced paper board, it is the reason why Euro tote paper bags have strong construction,quality and elegant looking,great as luxurious shopping bags and promotional bags for any business.

Euro tote bags are versatile because there are so many selections of paper,handle,print finishes processes to create euro tote bags .

Where to buy Euro tote bags? where to wholesale custom printed Euro tote bags?

JinDian Packaging is one stop place to buy and wholesale Euro tote bags,custom printed euro tote bags.

As paper bags manufacturer,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing Euro tote bags,custom printed euro tote bags, we have modern machine and skilled workers to produce Euro tote bags, we also offer wide range of paper,handle,print finishes to build bags as your desire.Options is in below

1 Paper: JinDian Packaging provide art paper,card paper to build Euro tote bag, paper weight range from 157g,to 300g that can fit different end. If you want strong euro tote bags to carry wine bottle,250g card paper is good choice.

2 Lamination: matt lamination,glossy lamination, all material is recyclable

3 Handle: handle options include rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle and more

4 Print Finishes: hot stamping,embossing,spot uv are available to print and highlight custom logo

5 Size: custom made is available.Euro tote bags at JinDian Packaging are customized coming in any size,shape

JinDian Packaging can print any color of custom logo and full color custom design on Euro tote bags.When you are looking for custom printed Euro tote bags with wholesale pricing,contact with us

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When you are looking for elegant and luxurious bags,Euro tote paper bags are perfect choice. As paper bags manufacturer,JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing Euro tote bags, JinDian Packaging