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Laminated Paper Bags With Printed Logo From JinDian Packaging


Laminated Paper Bags With Printed Logo And Ribbon Handle
Laminated Paper Bags With Printed Logo And Ribbon Handle

Laminated paper bags with printed logo and ribbon handle from 4PaperBags.

This is laminated bag, it is made of 200g art paper to build very strong construction,laminated by matt opp film, with two colors printing for custom logo on front and back of bag,colored ribbon handle matched to logo, with die cut hole in center of bag for ribbon closure,euro style with turn top and bag is reinforced by heavyweight paper board at turn top and bottom of bag for more strength.

JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing laminated paper bags,laminated paper carrier bags,laminated shopping bags.We provide wide range of paper,lamination,handle,printing,print finishes for customer to select, so it is easy to build personalized laminated paper bags at JinDian Packaging.

When you are looking for laminated paper bags,and want to print custom logo or image on laminated bags,contact with us, high quality,cheap price,fast turn around and free design support are the advantage to buy custom printed laminated paper bags from JinDian Packaging.

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