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Navy Blue Color Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbon Closure

This is navy blue color foldable gift box with ribbon closure.

This box looks quality and luxurious, great as gift packaging solution for high value gift items.

This box has collapsible construction, it can be folded into flat during transport and storage to save space and freight, and it is easy to be assembled into rigid box when use. This characteristic of foldable gift box is the reason why it has become more and more popular now.

This navy blue color foldable gift box is made by JinDian Packaging.

Foldable gift boxes have become more and more popular, because foldable gift boxes can be used as premium packaging boxes to package high value products and gift items,Foldable gift boxes have strong but collapsible construction,foldable gift boxes can offer strong protection, but they need not large space to store.

As gift boxes manufacturer, JinDian Packaging design, manufacture and wholesale gift boxes including luxury gift boxes, rigid luxury gift boxes,foldable gift boxes.

JinDian Packaging create many methods to fold box into flat,so foldable gift boxes at 4GiftPack can come in many styles such as two piece foldable rigid boxes,hinged lid foldable gift boxes.

All foldable gift boxes at JinDian Packaging are made of heavyweight chipboard to build very strong and collapsible construction, and at JinDian Packaging, foldable gift boxes are wrapped by different paper such as printed art paper, kraft paper, foil paper, so it is easy to find right color and looking of foldable gift boxes as your desire, At JinDian Packaging, foldable gift boxes come in so many sizes to fit different ends.

JinDian Packaging can print custom logo on foldable gift boxes without run limit.

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