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Twisted Handle Recycled Kraft Bags With Full Color Custom Printing

twisted handle recycled kraft paper bags
twisted handle recycled kraft paper bags

This is recycled kraft bag, it is made of 100g recycled kraft paper,with cmyk full color printing to print photographic custom design on both side of bag,twisted paper handle glued on top of bag.

With custom printing,recycled kraft paper bags can become advertisement for any business,although kraft paper bags are considered as economic shopping bags,but those bags also state more green message for business too.

JinDian Packaging is manufacturer of custom printed recycled kraft bags,we offer wide range of recycled kraft paper such recycled brown kraft paper,recycled white kraft paper to build eco friendly bags.We can print any color of your logo , full color of your photographic design on kraft bags. At JinDian Packaging those recycled kraft bags come in any size with different styles such as twisted handle recycled kraft bags,flat handle recycled kraft bags, and rope handle recycled kraft bags.Detail please contact with us

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